Monday, March 5, 2012

Can you say GOLDEN?

A couple weeks ago McKenna was in class and a girl named Makenzie asked if she could talk to her in the hallway.  Worried she'd done something wrong she agreed.  What came out of Makenzie's mouth surprised McKenna, but in a good way.  She asked why McKenna makes different choices than the other kids?  Mainly the choice not to have a boyfriend- something she's had the opportunity of more than once this school year.  Then Makenzie wanted to know what makes our church different than others?  McKenna was nervous to answer the questions.  She said she wasn't sure what to say.  She rattled off some things that were correct but without confidence.  She came home and told us about it and said Makenzie wants to know more.  We gave her some ideas to better answer the questions she'd already asked and reminded McKenna that after she was baptized she was given the Holy Ghost and that he's there for her, she just needs to feel for him then listen.  We reminded her that Heavenly Father loves Makenzie too and wants her to know more about the gospel because he wants her to live happily and return to him as well.  By bedtime her confidence was boosted.

The next day McKenna came home and said the conversation went much better and she wanted to come to church with us.  A few days later she couldn't find McKenna but got the number of my other daughter, Neicia, and asked if she could come hang out at our home. Neicia was already at the seminary building so Makenzie went there to meet her.  Neicia introduced her to Brother G. and he and Neicia answered more of Makenzie's questions.  Neicia gave her a Book of Mormon so she could read it for herself.  Then they came home and marked scriptures that Neicia knew would be specific to her...(Neicia has prepared herself for this.  She has over 80 scriptures memorized- often she's our scripture go-to girl.)  Later McKenna came home with the girl next door.  I heard the most beautiful sound.  McKenna yelled up the stairs, "Makenzie, Alexis and I are going next door, would you like to come?"  Makenzie replied, "No, I'm reading the Book of Mormon!"

Fast forward 2 weeks.  Makenzie is amazing.  Not only because she's loving the Book of Mormon, can tell the Plan of Salvation in detail, and is excited to be recognizing the spirit, but because she exudes sunshine.  The happiness is bubbling out of her, she's receiving answers to her questions.  She reminds me of Joseph Smith.  She's just a few months older than he was when he knelt in that sacred grove to pray.  Like him her desire to know where she came from, why she's here and where she's going is enormous.  She too has checked out other churches but nothing been right.  Yesterday, I picked her up and on the way to church I explained that church was going to be a little different than last week because it was fast and testimony meeting.  I explained what our day and meeting would be like.  After the 3rd testimony was borne she jumped up and went to the pulpit and bore the most beautiful testimony.  She said that she knew the gospel was true, that she's so happy to have found friends in my girls who have been so willing to share it with her.  She was grateful for the missionaries for answering so many of her questions and that she is happy to be finding Christ.  Yesterday afternoon was her 4th missionary discussion.  My husband gave the opening prayer.  When he was done she asked if we'd teach her to pray and if she could say the closing prayer as she has some things she'd like to talk to the Lord about.  As the missionaries were teaching her she kept excitedly saying things like, "Oh!  I just read that," or "that's like Nephi!"  My 12 year old said she thinks Makenzie already knows more than she does.  Her spirit in our home has been overwhelming and wonderful.  She's a truly remarkable, faithful girl who is anxious to be a member of the church.   How blessed we have been to be a part of this, to know her, and to feel of her spirit and of Heavenly Father's as he seems to be wherever she is.  I'm also overwhelmed with joy to see my own girls testimonies growing, as they are sharing what they know to be true and are also being touched by Makenzie in return.

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  1. What a great example your daughter is going about quietly living the gospel and touching lives through her example. You and your husband are to be commended for the way you have taught and raised her. This is such a wonderful story of how important it is to live our lives as we should because we never know who might be observing us.
    Thank you for sharing such a sweet story and reminding me how important it is that we live daily as the Savior would have us do and not get so caught up in all that is around us.

  2. Not only is your daughter "making different choices", she's making some that most parents are not even that concerned about. The idea of having a boyfriend is a long way from off limits in most houses. I think it instructive that one of the things that attracted her friend was something above and beyond the norm. My daughter is going to read this, and no mistake. Well done you!

  3. Thank you both, I'm very pleased with my daughter and her choices. I pray she continues making wise decisions for her own benefit as well as those around her. I know sometimes it's hard because she has normal desires for a boyfriend. She struggles more because most of her LDS friends choose to have boyfriends and girlfriends too. This actually made it difficult for McKenna to explain to Makenzie why she didn't have a boyfriend- she didn't want to make the other kids look bad. A while back our family was talking about this topic and we looked in the Strength of Youth. It says that the youth shouldn't date any one person exclusively (not in those exact words). To us that meant boyfriends/girlfriends.

    My girls have been very good, realizing that Heavenly Father knows best. They've also been able to see the results of not following this advice; boys who don't go on missions, girls who end up pregnant, both genders unable to go through the temple until they go through a repentance process, even unwise choices made by their friends who play on the lines never going quite far enough to need to repent. They realize that this is not a way to live happily- always on guard. They do have friends who seem to be wise in their relationships and don't follow these other situations, but they know not everyone can keep that up. They look forward to the time that the Lord says they're ready to date exclusively and have faith that they're sacrificing now so they'll be better wives and moms.

    Thanks again for the comments.

  4. What a wonderful story! I'm sitting here, crying. What wonderful girls you have. They are not afraid. They maintain their standards, probably receive a lot of flak for it, and carry on. What strength! What courage! And to be privileged to meet one of the Lord's elect and help her find the gospel. A priceless, priceless experience. Isn't it amazing how perfect the Lord's way is? We feel as though we are serving, but we are the benefactors. Perfect! Thank you for finding me!

  5. That is such an awesome experience, not only for Makenzie, but for your girls as well. I had a friend like that in high school. I was able to take her to a Temple open house, and she still says that the experience was a true turning point for her. How blessed your girls are to be a part of her conversion process! so exciting!

  6. What an amazing story. Really sorry now that I was not at Church Sunday. Wasn't feeling well. Can't wait for Sunday to get here! Thanks for sharing, You and your family and the WHOLE ward are another blessing in MY life.

  7. This was such an awesome post; I am so happy I dropped by. What a beautiful missionary story. The fact that your daughter shared the gospel with this young girl is so sweet. Maybe you could share this story on What a great example your family is. This is experience was truly inspirational. Blessings to you all!


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