Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Will Work For Food

After some discussion with my husband we've determined that it's necessary for me to work outside the home again.  It seems this is my trial in life.  (See my feelings about stay at home moms) We do everything we can to earn the money we need while I'm at home being a mom but things happen.  Namely, reductions in hours, pay and benefits.  I refuse to work outside the home for things like a new boat, the nicest house in the neighborhood or so we can all look like we stepped out of a Hollister catalog (they don't make clothes in my size anyway).  There are some things I'm willing to work for though.  Here are some of them:

It's a full time job just for groceries and gas!

I just can't complain about this.

Holy Hannah!  After 1 semester WITH a pell grant I'm in shock.  And we have many more kids coming up!

What more can I say after this sign?
No...I didn't have cardboard.  My son says it's because we can't afford it. Hahaha.


  1. You are too funny!!! How about Star Wars goodies....? JUST KIDDIN:) I am so sorry, the economy is so tough!!! You will be blown away by the blessings which come from having a missionary in the mission field and no it might not come in monetary form but sometimes even much, much better. I sure love you and pray you will soon be able to draw on real cardboard:) xoxo

  2. Holy crap, y'all sure have ALOT on your plate right now with mission, braces, school, TEENAGERS (that's the real kicker!)etc! I'm sure making the decision to have to work outside the home was a tough one, but you will definitely be blessed for your sacrifice! Especially if it's supporting a missionary! :)

  3. Best of luck in your job search... Everything will work out.

  4. Trina, I love that you find humor in life. That is the best way. Great pics. You are an inspiration to us as we are getting closer to the teenage years and thinking of the upcoming expenses.

  5. What a great attitude! :) Came here via SITS! So glad I did. Good luck with your job search...hope you can find something that allows you to make some extra money!

  6. wow.... LOVE THIS POST! YOu make me smile. Today I needed to... thanks so much for being you! :) I know the Lord will bless you :) KEEP THE FAITH! :)


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